Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Over the weekend we drove to Atlanta to visit Christopher's grandmother. After the Columbus car break in and the tour of Texas hospitals last month I was expecting the worst to happen on this trip. Forget about low expectations, I set my expectations at zero. I fully prepared myself for the car to catch on fire or someone's appendix to burst. I believe the word you're looking for is optimistic.

Thankfully we enjoyed a three day visit with very little crying and no sickness. Annabelle and Great Gran were thick as thieves by the time we left. We went swimming, visited C's aunt and uncle, and ate at Ihop where AB licked the remaining drops out of all the empty half and half containers. We've been making our child's vacation dreams a reality since 2014.

We did have one problem. More of a disagreement than a problem, really. Christopher and I have an on-going disagreement about the appropriateness/legality of stopping at a hotel to use their lobby restroom instead of using the restrooms at a rest stop. One of us says it's wrong because we're not paying customers, the other says it's perfectly fine because A) there are no signs forbidding it and B) the paying customers have their own restrooms.

Please help us resolve this issue. The peace of our next car trip may depend on you. No pressure!

(Please don't let Christopher win this one. He still brings up how he won the best ways to defrost raw chicken poll a few years ago.)


Jen said...

Ohh that's a tough one but I'm all for stopping at rest stops versus a hotel. I wouldn't feel right about going into a hotel if I'm not staying there just to use the restroom.

Bailey Kay said...

I tend to stop at rest stops and decent gas stations, not hotels. Sometimes, a McDonald's or other fast food place. HOWEVER, if I REALLY have to go and the only place around is a hotel, then I'll stop there.

Miss to Mrs said...

I have to say that it has never in a million years crossed my mind to stop at a hotel to use the bathroom! McDonald's, Taco Bell, a gas station or even a random Wal-Mart, but never a hotel.

I guess since I use those other business' bathroom without being a paying customer I would say it's ok to use their bathroom.

Unless you are the one saying you shouldn't do it. If that's your view then I agree with you. I want you to win!


Kara said...

Stopping at a hotel has never occurred to me. I'm more of the stop at a fast food restaurant kinda person.

Laura Darling said...

I have never stopped at a hotel to use their bathroom! Always rest stops. When we were in Mexico on our honeymoon Matt tried to go into a hotel to use the restroom and I waited outside. Turns out he got chased out by a worker because he didn't have a wrist band!!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Ive never though to stop at a hotel for a restroom break. I generally stop when I need gas and get food to get it all taken care of at one time. I also don't like veering to far from the high way out of my way, making quick stops to get back on the road is always key for me.
Im torn as to which of you picks hotel vs. rest stop.
Im going to stay that C say's its ok to stop at a hotel where as you are logical one that says no because you aren't staying there or paying. ekes. Hope I'm not wrong. lol
But I am glad to here yall didnt have any major issues at all on the trip!!!

tara said...

I've stopped at hotels when traveling alone, especially at night. My grandfather always said it was safer than a rest stop. I've never had anyone tell me no.

texascrow said...

Last Winter when it was freezing (my son was playing sports & there were no available restrooms) I took my 4 yr old twins to a nearby hotel and very nicely asked if I could use their restroom. My little girls had to go. The clerk refused (secretly I wanted to pull him across the counter and....), he treated me like we were so far beneath him. This was just a chain hotel. I was so embarrassed and will never go through that again.