Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm available whenever People magazine would like a use me as a source

I had a few things to discuss such as the two girls who came to my door looking to be adopted and how I recently learned that my jaw is dislocated, but as of last night I have bigger news to talk about. I know a guy on The Bachelorette.

Yes, I watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

I have no morals.

Last night I went to watch the premiere with Tiffany. For some reason Christopher wasn't jumping at the chance to watch it with me. We were sitting on the couch eating strawberries and carrot sticks because Tiffany is very good about eating healthy (I'm trying to get better about it myself even though I had an undisclosed number of chocolates today) when I heard the words "from Rhode Island". My ears perked up because RI is near my hometown and I know many people who live there. Imagine my surprise when onto the screen popped Jared, a guy I know from my days volunteering at the childrens hospital. I yelled. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I get that The Bachelorette isn't the top story on 60 minutes, but it's not everyday I see someone I know on television. It's certainly not everyday I see someone I worked with talking about his alter ego named Love Man.
The only reason he didn't include me in his answer below is that he reached his 160 character limit.
I now feel personally invested in the show and have no option but to continue watching. After all, he gave us a wedding gift so it would be rude not to support him from my couch. He gave us a gift card to JCrew and a book called The Idiots Guide to a Happy Marriage.
If he wins you better believe he'll be getting his own copy of that book from yours truly.


Jen said...

That's awesome haha!

Laura Darling said...

This still blows my mind. And how much do I love that he has an alter ego named Love Man? I hope he stays on for a long time this season!!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

That is so cool! Many years ago, I taught a yoga class and Stephanie from Jason's season was in it -- she was the one who was a widow with the cute little blonde daughter. I was so star struck but she was the nicest gal!

Bailey Kay said...

That is hilarious! Also, two girls showed up at your house and wanted to be adopted? Sounds interesting!

Michelle said...

I'm still unnaturally excited about this. The second James got home the day you told me, I about jumped out of my skin with excitement to tell him. I have no life.