Thursday, June 11, 2015

time to add 'pooper scooper' to my resume

We've had some odd happenings around here lately. The most memorable is that I found two piles of what appeared to be cat or dog poop on the stairs inside my house.

We don't own a cat.

Or a dog.

Obviously this is very disturbing.

There were three possible explanations:
1. Christopher had gotten AB up that morning and I thought maybe he had let her run around without a diaper on and she'd had an accident. It would be highly unlikely that he wouldn't clean up the mess but you never know. He's never been a dad before. I texted him to confirm or deny that the poop belonged to my child and he denied.
2. The babysitter had been over the day before and said that Annabelle was playing with a cat outside and she didn't know we had a cat. It was the neighbors cat but I thought maybe she had let it in our house so I texted her as well. She said the cat stayed on the deck.
3. Finally, the most likely option of AN ANIMAL WAS ROAMING OUR HOUSE.

Now I can't confirm that it was a cat or dog, but it certainly wasn't a bird and I refuse to google squirrel poo. I searched the whole house for signs of an animal intruder but didn't find a thing.
I haven't seen or smelled anything unusual but I live in fear of finding gross piles around my house.

But look! I've found kinship with 24 people in the same boat. God bless the internet.


Jen said...

Ahhhh not cool at all!!!

Bailey Kay said...

What?! Where did the poop come from?!

AiringMyLaundry said...


Laura Darling said...

Oh no!!!! Have you solved this mystery?