Sunday, June 28, 2015

warning: sentimental post ahead

Little miss turned 15 months old today.
She loves shoes, necklaces, balloons, music, playing outside, reading and Minnie Mouse. She couldn't believe it when I bought her Minnie Mouse shoes. Her very favorite animals are cats and birds.
She can say about 20 words, knows 7 or 8 words in sign language and can say grandma in French. She's basically trilingual. The other day I ate one of her hash browns and she said, "That's mine!" 
She loves to eat. Both the babysitter and the daycare lady commented on how much she eats after taking care of her the first time.
She loves swimming in her little pool. Sometimes she goes out after breakfast and climbs right in with her pajamas still on.
She's been giving hugs for a while but she recently started giving kisses. She kisses whatever she likes. Our friend gave her his phone so she could see pictures of his cat and she kissed it over and over. She loves waving and blowing kisses at everyone.
I tell her 15 times a day that she's growing WAY too fast and she needs to stop.


Jen said...

She seems like such a happy girl! :)

Bailey Kay said...

She is so cute!!!

Laura Darling said...

She is the cutest and looks like such a big girl in that first pic! I am so impressed that she is trilingual! :)