Thursday, July 2, 2015


I told myself that while Annabelle took her afternoon nap today I'd finally sit down and crank out a post for the old blawg.

The only problem is I can't think of ANYTHING to say.

I had twelve ideas on Monday but now I'm coming up dry. Why I'm even continuing to type is beyond me. I took a twenty minute cruise around pinterest looking for inspiration and found this instead. FYI, wannabe criminals of the world.
You don't say.
Since any dreams I had of being a Swedish criminal have been dashed, I'll be stick to my day job of washing Annabelle's hands after she sticks them in the toilet water and getting blue crayon out of her mouth when she thinks she's found herself a new snack. These things don't happen when C is home with her. The first time he stayed with her alone all day I thought, "He'll finally get to see why I don't usually get much done during the day." Wrong. Not only did he wash and fold all the laundry, he cleaned the floors and washed the inside of the refrigerator. There may or may not have been days in the past year when he's come home from work and heard this reply when he asked what I did during the day. "Well, I took a nap while the baby took her morning nap. When she took her afternoon nap I laid down for just a minute then didn't wake up until two hours later." Take note, future mothers. That's how you do it. Watching someone run through the sprinkler while you sit in the shade eating a popsicle TOTALLY requires two naps.


Jen said...

That photo of her is adorable! :)

Michelle said...

Hear, hear! Watching Gracie play on her play mat is exhausting! Nap time is spent either napping next to her or eating cookies.

Karen said...

I honestly think my children behave better for Paul than for me when I'm not there. I think they do it just to make it seem like I do nothing all day lol. I wish we still had nap time at our house. Annika has decided that now that she's 2 we don't need them anymore. It's horrible lol.