Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Currently- the running on very little sleep edition

Before I get into what it sure to be an intellectual and brain-stimulating post, I have to say that insomnia is THE WORST. My young boss is very inconsiderate and insists on waking me up for work at 6 instead of 8:30 even if I've spent the night like this.

Nothing I say or do can be used against me.

+ Drooling over: pictures from Princess Charlotte's christening. The world has once again seen that they are the perfect family. I am once again considering throwing out all the clothes in my closet and buying new outfits that I think Kate would wear.  I'll also be adding royal baby pram to my next baby registry. This particular picture stood out because it appears William is having a deep conversation with my sweet future son in law about a) walking in the right direction or b) trying to cut him off at the pass before he sits down in the middle of the sidewalk. I can relate to both those scenarios. The royals are just like us.

+ Spitting out: a fly. There was a fly in my coffee and it went in my mouth. What a fine way to start a Monday.

+ Watching: Sleepless in Seattle. Last night I sat on the living room floor watching it as I painted my nails. I had never seen the whole thing but I loved it. While my nails dried I ate ice cream right out of the container. My ten year old self who believed being an adult meant watching whatever you want while you eat whatever you want would have been so happy. I also thought by age 26 I'd be running an orphanage with 25 children and married to an astronaut. There were a few things about life I didn't quite understand.

+ Smelling: a dirty diaper my new gardenia candle. We went to Bath & Body Works this morning and I got sucked into the 50% off section. After much scent testing (and very little positive feedback from AB) I picked out two of the 3-wick candles. I have never been so excited to light a candle. I might go back and buy five more.

+ Reading: Life After Life. From the Amazon review as I'm too tired (see above) to write my own: "Every time Ursula Todd dies, she is born again. Each successive life is an iteration on the last, and we see how Ursula's choices affect her, those around her, and--so boldly--the fate of the 20th-century world." Its not as morbid as it sounds for a book about someone who keeps dying.

+ Writing: Annabelle's birthday card. Before you judge me for being three months late, I want you to know I did buy the card in March. It went from sitting on the stairs to sitting on my dresser to laying the floor by my bed back to the dresser. Yesterday Annabelle found it, tasted it, and pulled the raised flower off the front. She dropped it down the vent and it joined the earing and quarters she previously sent to the place of no return. 

+ Eating: chocolate. All the chocolates.
I know it looks like I'm being a pig but I'm not. I'm doing a study of chocolate textures. It's for the good of the people. 


Amanda said...

Oh to be a royal. Hope your day went better after that whole fly issue. Mondays... lol.

Jen said...

I loved the christening photos, so pretty!

Michelle said...

Bathroom chocolate!

INSOMNIA HERE TOO. Did I tell you that Saturday night I couldn't fall asleep until 6 am? Sunday was the worst day of my life.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

What did you think of Life After Life? I didn't like it and sometimes think I am the only one! I honestly just got bored...