Sunday, November 29, 2015

from here on out it will be Christmas all day, every day

Despite my best efforts, I've turned into a once a week blogger. I blame my poorly paying, time-sucking little boss.
Ya talkin 'bout me?
Throughout the month we wrote things we're thankful for on little paper leaves. I hung them on branches I collected in the backyard and made a Thankful Tree. When we asked Sesame what she likes that God gave her, she said "Pasta. Tennessee and Texas. Pasta and sauce. Pasta." Such a good little Italian. 
For the third year in a row we hosted Thanksgiving at our house. Elizabeth came up to visit two weeks prior to Thanksgiving and Dad, Mom and Aaron came up the day before. We cleaned bathrooms, planned menus and sorted out cooking times. I scheduled us to eat at 3 but around 2:15 I noticed someone had turned the oven off. It was barely even warm inside. Cue the despair. I almost ordered pizza. SEVEN HOURS after I put it in the oven the turkey was finally finished. 
I took advantage of the 500 hours it took the turkey to cook for a mini photo shot. I bought this 12 months dress in the summer and crossed all my fingers and toes it would fit. I was prepared to squish her in like a sausage but it fit perfectly.
Elizabeth always says she only comes to visit so she'll make an appearance on the blog. Here I was thinking it was because she loves and adores me so. She recently got her permit and begged me to let her drive my car. She mostly did a good job, but I did grab onto the door handle a time or twelve. I got SO irritated when Mom would do that when I was learning to drive yet there I was doing the same thing. She did well except for the time when I had to say, "Let's have a little less dancing and a little more driving." She said she was trying to imitate my driving. I can't be held responsible for what I do when All About that Bass comes on the radio.

We visited a Christmas decor store this afternoon. When we got home I went through some of my Christmas boxes and pulled out some of the 19 snowmen statues we were given last year. I found a gingerbread recipe and my gingerbread cookie cutter. I think I'll light my fir tree candle. It's beginning to look like the most wonderful time of the year. 


Jen said...

Yay for Christmas!! :)

Michelle said...

That Thanksgiving dress is AMAZING. Your themed outfits and thankful tree are putting me to shame but inspiring me for next year. Is this where I admit that Gracie wore Christmas pajamas on Thanksgiving? Don't tell.