Thursday, May 12, 2016

She spilled a lot of yogurt

Remember the time we visited Texas when I was pregnant and everyone in the family got the 24 hour bug?

Then we visited last year and Annabelle had a terrible, awful, no good, very bad weeklong sickness that sent her to urgent care four times? And she passed it on to me and Christopher?

Surely sickness during one visit was a mere coincidence. Sickness during the second visit was unbelievable. To get sick on a third visit would be a cruel, cruel joke.

Jokes on us because guess who spent an hour at urgent care yesterday?
I swear we are allergic to this state. Every. Single. Time. we're here someone throws up. We drove all around the country within the last month and got nary a sniffle. We spend four hours on a plane (aka germ heaven) and Annabelle ends up with the flu and strep throat. The rest of us aren't far behind. Texas is a huge state with huge germs.

Annabelle had a tough few days. When she got the stomach bug a few months ago it was immediately after she ate yogurt so she thinks throwing up is called "spilling her yogurt." It's sounds more ladylike but the result is still just as gross when you hear someone say, "I spilled my yogurt on my bed!" 

Thanks to a steady diet of three prescriptions life is starting to look up in AB's little world. She has a 
bad cough which I've self diagnosed as bronchitis but I'm not too surprised about any new disease. Maybe we'll catch yellow fever while we're here. I hear zika virus is going around.

I'm praying Christopher and I are spared from spilling our yogurt, especially on the flight home.


Emily said...

Bless her heart! We are flying with the kids in July and I am nervous about the germs...can kids drink airborne?? I am going to have to look into that! Love seeing Lilly's old dress; it really was one of my favorites. You guys are rocking it! :)

Jen said...

Ugh being sick is the worst! Poor thing!

Amanda said...

NO! That is cruel.. time to put Texas on the no visiting list. Haha. Hope you all feel better soon!