Monday, May 16, 2016

Texas Roundup

Once AB's Texas plague let up we brought her to the zoo. She was in her happy place feeding deer and goats. 
Sesame rode a bike for the first time. For all that I enjoy about children, teaching them to ride a bike is in my top 10 biggest dislikes of all time. I CANNOT stand it. I have patience for a lot but I have little to no patience for taking a child from a tricycle to a two wheeler. It takes a while for the child to catch on and once you take the operation on the road it takes to get anywhere. I've always said that if Christopher is deployed when a child of ours wants to learn how to ride, they'll have to wait until he got home or find themselves a tutor. This mama is not available. (But let me tell you how I really feel.) Thank goodness for grandparents who will happily push learners around the yard.
We got home on Saturday and were greeted with drizzling rain and balmy 44* temperatures. It was nice to see that the bad weather didn't put a damper on my flowers.


Jen said...

You can never go wrong with a zoo!

Amanda said...

We are trying to get Grace to learn the peddling aspect of her trike as she has had one without peddles for a long time now. It's insanely frustrating and I will be nowhere near when she goes to a bike bike.. haha.