Saturday, May 21, 2016

some say it's baseball, some say it's football

We took Annabelle to her first baseball game today. We really went to the game for me though. I grew up going to Pawsox (the Red Sox minor league team) every summer until I got married. Not much about our current town is fabulous but they do have a minor league team which gives them a few points in the positive column. They're playing the Pawsox this weekend so we packed our snacks (we don't go anywhere without snacks) and headed to the ball field.

I took the role of AB's baseball instructor Very Seriously. I walked her through the whole thing and was really quite proud of myself for such excellent play by play. Then she called it a "football game." So I really got through! She picked up on something because she started telling me a detailed story about "the man hit the ball and mumble mumble the bat, and, and, cinnamon mumble mumble catch it. How old is he, Mama?"
We invited our friends from Bible study to go with us. Their little girls are two of Annabelle's best friends here. She recently discovered she can held hands with someone other than me and she's been grabbing onto any hands available. It was so sweet.
I've heard huddles on the mound are for planning strategies or whatnot, but I've always believed they're more for planning where the team will eat after they win the game. The Pawsox pulled through for me Annabelle and won the game. God bless America.


Jen said...

That second photo is absolutely priceless!

Michelle said...

That is the best picture of you and AB!