Friday, July 29, 2016

Currently- the July edition

Reading: A Different Beautiful by Courtney Westlake. It's the true story of a family whose daughter was born with a major skin condition and their journey through it. Confession: I signed up to be on the launch team for the book. I felt so professional! Pin a rose on my nose and call me an editor. Then I forgot to read the book for the month because of potty training. But I'm back on track now since potty training is a no-go.
Giddy Up, Eunice by Sophie Hudson. I've read Sophie's blog for years now and I'm the proud owner of all her books. They've all been good but this is by far the best. Get yourself to the bookstore and buy it now!
Columbine by Dave Cullen. For reasons I can't explain I've been into reading books about national tragedies. I cannot put this book down. It's not a summer beach read but it's memorizing.  

Dreaming about: my childhood crush. I dreampt I was stuck at home during a snowstorm and a van load of friends came to rescue me. I sat down in the only available seat which happened to be next to the love of my young life, Bernie. He put his arm around me and said, "I love you but you already know that." Thirteen year old Sarah waited her entire childhood to hear him say that. 

Buying: Dixie cups. I didn't realize until Thursday that the supplies for AB's parents day out program needed to be at the school on Wednesday. I thought I had until September when she starts. I made a mad dash to the dollar store and got everything except the Dixie cups. The list specifically said "ONLY 5oz cups" and the dollar store only had 9oz. Rite Aid had 3oz. I finally found them at a third store when I was just about to throw in the towel. The rule follower in me would have had a conniption if I brought in the wrong size.

In related PDO news, apparently I don't know the year my only child was born in. The doctor had to correct me. I'm already rocking this school stuff!

Freezing: Popsicles. We made them before lunch and Annabelle asked no less than 8 times in two minutes if they were done yet. There will be tears if they're not done when she gets up from her nap!

Baking: The Pioneer Woman's strawberry oatmeal bars. They are delicious and I want to eat the entire 9x12 pan. I told Christopher they're healthy because they have oats and fruit (in the jelly form). He said "You put a whole bowl of brown sugar and a whole bowl of butter in there. It's not healthy." Whatever. It has fruit so I'm still saying it's healthy. He has a terrible addiction to coke which he claims isn't bad for him "because it's diet coke" so I don't think he's a reputable source on what is or is not healthy.

Watching: Reruns of Minnie Mouse Bowtique. The only movie we've watched lately was Spotlight, the story of the Catholic church scandal. It wasn't a happy movie but it was very well done. See above where I mention tragedies. None of our shows are on so we're in a dry spell. I'm sure there's a direct connection between no shows and the impressive number of books I've gotten through lately.

Ok, fine. I've been watching The Bachelorette too. You know I have. It's like a sickness for which there is no cure. 

Recovering from: our big outing this morning. Normally we only do one exciting outing a day*. If we're being really ambitious we might do two. AB is perfectly fine with this low key life as she doesn't know anything different. Keeping expectations low since 2014! Today we went to an outdoor music class followed by the splash pad and the playground. Everything was in the same park so it wasn't hard to jump from one place to the other. We spent enough time splashing and swinging to ensure a good nap. All heck broke loose on the way house. She started crying because "THE WINDOW FELL ON MEEEEE! THE WINDOW FELLLLLL!" All that happened was she was playing with the screen and it brushed her arm. Drama City over here. The teen years will be so fun!  

* If we're being honest somedays we don't leave the house. 


Michelle said...

I'm going to assume your childhood crush is not Bernie Sanders.

Jen said...

Haha I have a feeling that I will do the same thing with Emersyn's birth date haha.

Amanda said...

Pleaaaaaase tell me you are watching Bachelor In Paradise. That stuff is what drama dreams are made of.