Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Oh Canada

Given the current political condition of things around here we decided to leave the country.
Technically we left for a mini family vacation but it was during convention season and I was hoping to get away from all things politics. I couldn't. AB asked to watch a show and when I turned on the tv I was suddenly staring at a larger than life Barack Obama. There is no escaping American politics. 

Our first stop was a farmers market. I wanted to take pictures but it was more crowded than Best Buy on Black Friday and I didn't want to be trampled to death on vacation so I didn't take out the camera. I'm always on the lookout for a farmers market and this one was perfect. It was fresh food heaven.

After a very unsuccessful nap we went to the aquarium. Everyone from the farmers market had migrated to the aquarium and at one point when we were going through the tunnel with the animals swimming above us I literally couldn't budge. Don't visit Toronto if you're trying to escape people.  

I had never been to another country and I had big plans of blogging from the hotel bed after AB went to sleep. I was even going to use a few French phrases. Thanks to my sweet child's insistence that she couldn't sleep in her pack n play because "the wall was falling into the floor" I did not one letter of blogging. No matter how many times I told her the floor and the wall were JUST FINE she cried and complained for over an hour until I brought her into our bed. She took up the entire king sized bed. I had 6'' and she was sprawled out like she owned the place.
No falling walls to be seen at this Westin Hotel.
The next morning we went to the zoo. Sesame her stylist likes to be appropriately dressed so she wore her elephant shirt. She modeled it for us by the warthog pen.
I highly recommend the zoo. Annabelle agrees. Her review of the tiger was "He so cute! Aww. He so soft, Mama! I want to touch him! 'ello, yittle tiger." 
A highlight of the zoo this year is their baby pandas. I love small furry animals as much as the next person but I wasn't about to wait 90 minutes to see some bears when it was already past nap time. We went to the zoo splash pad instead. It was the best splash pad I've ever seen and I consider myself a splash pad expert. It was worth the price of admission. Annabelle thought it was the best thing she had ever seen. 
Sesame has never been a big climber but lately she's become more adventuresome. She went down the water slide over and over. She ended up flipped over on her stomach every time but it was progress!

I put a great deal of scientific study in compiling this brief Toronto's Four Most Seen list. I expect Wikipedia will use me as a source. Toronto has no shortage of tattoos, cars, smokers, traffic and people with unnatural hair color. I could do without the hordes of people and all the smoke but hey. None of their hotel walls are sliding onto the floor!


Amanda said...

That splash pad looks amazing! I love that the zoo of all places has it.

Jen said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! :)