Friday, October 28, 2016

A Fall Friday

Annabelle and I are, as they say, back on the road again. 

Mom came up to visit us over the weekend and we drove back to Massachusetts together on Monday. If you're thinking, "Wait. Didn't you just visit your family last month?" the answer is yes we did. We're ladies with wheels of our own and sometimes we hit the road. To be honest, after the summer of travel we had I had no (zero, zip, nada, zilch) plans to travel until Thanksgiving, but things came up so we packed the car and continued our new habit of living out of suitcases. 

How Sesame feels about our endless travels.
On Wednesday we went to visit my aunt. Her mother in law recently died and all her dishes, kitchenware, and artwork ended up in Carol's house. Carol took what she wanted and offered the rest to me. I'm all about free kitchenware and decor so it was right up my alley. That's how I ended up as the new owner of three round serving dishes, two rectangular trays, a cream and sugar set, a bowl and a water pitcher, all ornate silver. You know what doesn't match anything in my house? The box of silver dishes I now own. You know what I'll have to polish and keep clean? The box of silver dishes. It seemed like a good idea at the time. 

This afternoon we went to a small farm with Grammy. I was flirting with a meltdown by going during nap time, but it was the only opportunity we had. Thanks to a herd of goats she couldn't have been happier. Goats are a great distractor from dramatic crying. I could have used a few around after bath time tonight when the meltdown finally hit. 
This is NOT how I look when walking into a corn maze. I swore off corn mazes a few years ago. I refuse to pay to get lost when I am fully capable of getting lost on my own for free. We got lost in a corn maze when I was pregnant and I was sure we'd be in there forever and I'd have the baby surrounded by corn stalks instead of nurses. 
Even with the ribbons marking off the path she still got out before I did. 
Tomorrow I'm making scones for breakfast and cookies for a snack. It's important to replenish the calories I burnt wandering between corn stalks. Maybe I'll serve them on a silver platter.


Laura Darling said...

I'm not a fan of mazes either. Did you ever go in a mirror maze? I went into one when I was little with my cousin on the boardwalk at the beach, and we got separated and she couldn't find her way out of the maze. Eventually the attendant had to go in and rescue her.

Those dishes sound so fancy! Your next Minnie Mouse party is going to be quite sophisticated! :)

Jen said...

I visit my family as much as I can. There is nothing wrong with that. :)

Amanda said...

You go mama. You make roadtrips look easy at this point.