Wednesday, November 2, 2016

flutter by, butterfly

I'm not much of a halloween person. I'd be perfectly fine if halloween was removed from the calendar entirely and replaced with National Chocolate Eclair Day. However, as evidenced by the below collage, I do love babies in costumes.
Annabelle recently picked up that kids were picking out costumes and said she wanted to be a butterfly. She had no idea what the costumes were for, but she knew she wanted one. In years past I've decided her costume for her, but I didn't object to her choice. I bought the wings on sale and everything else came from her closet. It was a trillion times easier than sewing yarn on a onesie to make her spaghetti costume.
She wore the wings all day and ran around the yard saying "I fying, Mama! I fying yike a butterfy!" 
We've never taken her trick or treating and didn't have plans for this year, but we were visiting my family so we made the rounds. Sesame adores Memere. When we left her house she turned around, waved to Memere and said, "Bye, sweetheart!" 
Some days I don't love the age she's at but sometimes it's so fun. She was so excited to see the other kids and run from yard to yard. 
Baby Ivy got in the action as a baby skunk. It was precious. 
The butterfly wasn't too thrilled about posing with her mom, but she did it because she got to eat a KitKat afterwards. 


Jen said...

She looks so cute in her costume! I love it.

Jane Mc said...

She looked so cute in her butterfly costume!