Tuesday, November 29, 2016

we did not come back with a prescription souvenir

We made it back from Texas without visiting the emergency room! All my wiping down of the airplane seats and stuffing us full of vitamins worked! It was the miracle of the century! Annabelle demonstrated how we all feel about this.
To be honest the trip wasn't 100% healthy. Annabelle suffered from horrible allergies the entire time and would cough to the point she'd almost throw up, but I didn't clean up any vomit so I call it a win. 
Thanksgiving night we went to a gorgeous lights display. 
We swung by London Bridge to practice for when we visit in real life. 
Feel free to pin this as inspiration for your next group exercise class. 
LOOK WHO WAS THERE LIVE AND IN PERSON. Sesame could not believe it. She kept saying "wow! Wow, Mama!" She went right up to Elsa and told her she had a matching dress. She told them she knows their songs. They talked about Olaf. I was so happy for her I almost cried. 
We went to a drive though safari and AB was reunited with her favorite animals. 
Christopher got corned by a pregnant goat. When I got pregnant Christopher said he was excited for all the food he'd be able to fed me. That never happened but mama goat pulled through for him. 
I don't know how she's big enough to ride a horse by herself. Two weeks ago she couldn't sit up alone without falling over! 
We enjoyed our trip but as always it was nice to come home. We're such homebodies around here.

This morning after MDO I took Annabelle to the doctor. The cold and bad cough I had been treating as allergies wasn't going away. I was sure the doctor would tell me to buy some benadryl and shoo me out the door. Turns out she has bronchitis. 

Sickness finds us wherever we are.

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Jen said...

Her face in that first picture is amazing!