Saturday, December 3, 2016

Currently, the It's Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas edition

Watching: Gilmore Girls. Obviously. I liked it but didn't love it. I felt like they weren't really in the groove until 40 minutes before the show ended. But those 40 minutes! Luke's speech in the kitchen! I would have accepted a proposal from him if Christopher wasn't sitting next to me.
I don't even like phone calls but I'd answer for Luke.
Feeling depressed about: My current size. My pants are bigger than I'd like them to be and none of my exercise and healthy eating is doing anything to fix it. Last night I set myself up for failure by looking at the tiny skirt I wore for our rehearsal dinner. I lay on the bed and bemoaned my hip size for the one hundredth time this month. When I sat up the button on my pants broke off and flew across the room. So that did absolutely nothing to help me feel better.

Reading: Home Fires Burning and A Day in the Sun with Olaf. I barely have time to read the former because I spend so much time reading the latter. I almost have it memorized. 

Not reading: the I Heart Organizing blog. I followed it for organizational tips but I've barely read any posts. Annabelle's closest floor is proof of that.

Looking for: Baby Jesus. Annabelle is very into playing with her Little People nativity set. The first day I took it out for her she said maybe our landlord's father Mr. Jim would like to play Baby Jesus with her. He was over doing yard work today so he came in to visit her. The four wise men and two camels were there in all their glory but Jesus was no where to be found. As Mr. Jim put it, "All the supporting cast is here but the main attraction is missing." AB asked Christopher if Baby Jesus was in his belly. I think Jesus is probably hiding under the couch with all the other lost toys. There may not have been room for him in the inn but there's plenty of room under the couch.

Collecting: all the little Christmas trees. I only meant to buy one for Sesame's room but I got sucked in by sales and ended up with three mini trees of varying sizes. That lead to me buying multiple boxes of fairy lights and a glittery gold deer decoration. The Christmas decor slope is very slippery.
Buying: Christmas cards. I LOVE cards, specifically photo cards.  Growing up I was always the first to the mailbox at Christmas time so I could open the cards. We'd tape Christmas cards around the doorway and I loved looking at them. Now that I have my own home I hang Christmas cards from my snowflake garland then move the photos to the refrigerator for the rest of the year. I've conducted a ongoing study since getting married and concluded that people don't send cards out like they used to. I don't understand non-card senders. Who wouldn't want to send a little holiday joy? I start planning my cards in September. It's serious business! This year I ordered some laser-cut cards from Tiny Prints. I was torn between the laser-cut and the glitter cards but Christopher doesn't love glitter the same way I do so I went with the more conservative option. I've already decided 2017 will be the year of the glitter card. 

Annabelle requested this card to send Prince George. I hope he remembers to rsvp so we buy enough goldfish.


Michelle said...

I LOVE your mantle!

Jen said...

Your mantle is wonderful! I love the little tree.