Saturday, December 10, 2016

nothing says christmas like glittery coconut flakes

Last weekend we took Belle Belle to the Christmas Cottage to see Santa. She wore her nativity dress so both parties of the Christmas season were represented. She wasn't thrilled to see him but she wasn't in hysterics like last year. 
Flashbacks to Santas of years past.
We decorated our tree on Tuesday. Annabelle took the ornaments off as fast as we put them on. Every morning she acts as if it's the first time she's ever seen it and gets so excited. 
In years past we've had two to three big trees. Last year we were almost forced out of our own living room thanks to two extra large trees so we toned it down this year and got a little tree. It looked bigger when we got it home than it did in the tree lot. That happens to us every year but somehow we always forget. Normally we spend a lot of time considering how we'll decorate our theme tree but this year we couldn't nail down a theme so I suggested white. Simple and pretty. I got a box of fuzzy white ornaments that look like they're covered in glittery coconut flakes and a box of clear ornaments. Months ago I ordered vinyl cutouts of some names of Jesus used at Christmas so I stuck them on the clear ornaments. I think it looks very pretty.
Last Christmas our tree fell over. Here's to a season of all trees staying in their upright positions. 


Michelle said...

I love your white theme and the names of Jesus! So clever. I want to come sit in your living room with you and watch reality tv.

Jen said...

I love the look of indifference on her face haha.

Jane Mc said...

Love her dress. She looks so cute. Wondered where you got it since I'd love to get one for my granddaughter.