Monday, December 5, 2016

it's only monday but it's already been a long week

Today I told myself I'd blog about whatever we did, whether it was exciting or not. You're welcome for the high quality, well thought through blogging you get around here. 

Last week I realized I had a doctor appointment at 9:30 this morning. Who schedules a physical first thing Monday morning? Obviously I didn't think that through when I scheduled this appointment after my physical last December. 

I had to bring my sidekick who insisted on bringing in her giraffe mask. Whatever keeps her occupied! We also brought three books and the ipad which kept her occupied for 18 minutes. I like the office I go to but they're slow. By the time the doctor came in we had been waiting for more than 30 minutes and AB had read all her books, climbed on both chairs, crawled behind the exam table and fallen down 57 times. Given the circumstances she did well, but it was like herding chickens. She was kind enough to tell me the gown I was wearing looked "so boo-tiful." I don't think anyone has ever felt beautiful in the gown that opens in the front while wearing very little underneath. The doctor told me my heart rate was a little high. That's what happens when I'm seeing her at an ungodly hour and trying to keep a toddler entertained for an hour while wearing a revealing gown. That's enough to raise anyone's heart rate. 

I rewarded us with ice coffee and hash browns from Dunkin Donuts. I needed it after being prodded and poked. This is her "can you get me some hashfries, Mama?" face.
We went to Toys R Us because the doctor wasn't enough torture for one day. Normally I avoid TRU like the plague. There are few stores I'd rather wander. All the motion activated toys, weird looking stuffed animals and screaming children drive me nuts. If I want to see a hundred toys all I have to do is sit on my couch and look at our toy corner. However, I had a $10 gift card and needed to buy AB's friend a birthday card so in we went. I'll go anywhere to save money. Sesame hasn't quite figured out that everything in stores is available to be taken home which made the trip go surprisingly well. I'm not going to fill her in on how stores work AND YOU BETTER NOT EITHER. I'd give her a toy to play with, rush around looking for what I needed and swap out the toy as she got bored with it. I acted as if we were borrowing toys like we borrow books from the library and it worked well. She lost her mind in the Minnie Mouse and Sofia the First aisle and would have taken everything home, but I said it was the other kids turn. She told me she wants the Sofia doll for her birthday. I said we'll ask Daddy and crossed my fingers that she'll forget come March 28th. "Ask Daddy" is my go-to phrase when I want to ignore a request. Jot that down in your Parenting 101 notebooks.

Tonight we made hot chocolate and watched the new Cinderella in our pajamas. 
Tomorrow is MDO and I most certainly won't be spending my alone time at the doctors or Toys R Us. You can find me at Dunkin Donuts instead. It's the place to be on any day ending in Y.


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Michelle said...

I'm going to use "ask daddy" from now on. Thank you for that.

Angi said...

That's the same face I make when my husband suggests we order out so I don't have to cook.

I need to start a Parenting 101 journal. All my mom-friends have such good advice and I know I'm going to forget it all.