Friday, December 23, 2016

To grandmother's house we go

Dad spent the last few days at our house and drove to MA with us yesterday. I'm not going to say he drives too fast, but he drives faster than I do and cut off nearly an hour of the trip. Annabelle sat in the back with Mr. Lion and repeatedly scared me when she'd make comments about not feeling well. I brought two towels in case we had a vomiting incident. This isn't my first travel rodeo! I tried to keep us occupied by asking trivia questions and singing Christmas songs that no one appreciated like they should have. The life of a jukebox is a tough one.

We were home all of 3 minutes before cousin Nick (usually referred to as Pickles) came over, followed quickly by Grandma. AB's newest salutation is a fake sneeze which she did wholeheartedly for Memere. I don't know why she does the things she does. 

Around the time I got engaged I told Grandma I'd like it if she could crochet a baby blanket for me. I knew Grandma wasn't speedy with the crochet hook so I wanted to get my order in early. Three years later, Grandma finished the blanket just in time to bring it to the hospital the day after AB was born. She's slept with it every nap and night since. She asked for it while we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas last night because she wanted to share it with Memere. She gave Memere a kiss and said "dank you for my banket!" It was so precious.
Memere knows the way to Annabelle's heart. She let her borrow the singing snowmen decoration for the weekend. They've been named Barry and Aurora and she pushes the button to make them sing 24 times an hour.
Her snowman love affair began early in life.
Every year growing up I'd help Grandma make the meatballs for the chicken soup at Christmas and Easter. I don't get to do as many traditions since we live far away, but I got to help with the meatballs this year. I was so excited to make Annabelle a fourth generation meatball roller. She was less interested in rolling them and more interested in grabbing the ones I made and turning them into "a snow monster." 
Elizabeth has finally decided to get her licence. She volunteered to drive us to the grocery store and since I like to think of myself as a superb driver, I offered to give her a few pointers. I gave some tips about programming the radio stations (priorities!) and knowing which button operates which window. It was going well until she turned left into two lanes of oncoming traffic. I remained remarkably calm given the fact my life was flashing before my eyes. Here she is after she almost killed me. The least she could have done was offer to pay for my Dunkin Donuts to make up for it!

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Laura Darling said...

That story about AB and the blanket is the sweetest ever.

Last night I had a dream that Emily was driving me and she accidentally turned into the wrong lane of oncoming traffic.

Perhaps we are a little co-dependent with our younger sisters?!!