Monday, November 14, 2016

I'm currently accepting applications for photo shoot assistants

Last year when I reviewed a dress from eShakti I wrangled two babies for the pictures. This year when I received an email asking if I'd do another review I envisioned an easy-peasy photo shoot with my darling angel of a daughter. Surely one child would be easier than two. 


Did I forget I have a toddler?

Annabelle had no interest in being part of the pictures. She made it her personal goal to be as uncooperative as possible. First she stood in one spot like a statue while I tried to maneuver her into position. 
Then she felt the need to dive towards the ground.  
Finally she was standing still but all her movement had caused my sweater to move to all the wrong areas. 
In all honesty I had my concerns that this dress would be too plain and boring. Now that I've worn it I like how versatile it is. I'm sure it will look cute with boots and a scarf when it gets cooler. When I put it on with this sweater and shoes I questioned whether I looked like an old lady. Christopher said I looked like Meg Ryan from You've Got Mail and while that movie was made 18 years ago and I don't want to copy all the late 90's fashion, I do think Meg Ryan is darling.  
Except for the fact that she gets to kiss Tom Hanks, Meg and I are basically twins. 
I slept in the dress when I took a nap after these pictures and it felt like I was wearing pajamas. It's the most comfortable dress I've ever worn. Being wardrobe/makeup/hair person and child handler is exhausting so I deserved the nap. Annabelle on the other hand wasn't tired at all and spent the entirety of nap time yelling to get out of her crib. I guess I'll have to work her a little harder next time we do a photo shoot.


Laura Darling said...

I am CRACKING UP. AB looks totally thrilled with her role as photo assistant hahaha. I think the second picture is my very favorite! The dress is super cute though. I love the length. I always struggle with dresses being either too short or too long. Napping comfort is also very important!

Jen said...

Hahaha I love this!