Monday, November 21, 2016

maybe I should bring face masks to we don't breathe infected air

We're currently preparing to visit the Great State of Plagues, Germs and Vomit

I mean Texas.

If I didn't like the family members in Texas so much I'd swear off the state forever and never return.

I learned a few tips from our last three trips of sickness and urgent care visits so I'm not going empty handed. 
Advanced purell! Kills the most germs! #1 used in hospitals!
Nausea control! Benadryl to calm AB's stomach/make her sleep!
This is only a small part of my Sickness Avoidance Plan 2016. I also have a package of clorox wipes with which I plan on wiping down our entire row on the plane. I've been pumping us full immune system building supplements. Christopher hasn't been gungho about my holistic efforts but I made him swallow some medicine yesterday. Germs spread like wildfire and I can't risk him being the weak link that takes us all down. The pharmacist told me I should hand out ice chips to avoid nausea. I have no desire to carry a cooler of ice through the airport BUT I WILL DO ANYTHING.

If anyone (mostly looking at you, Belle Belle) does get sick on the plane, I have an extra pacifier, a towel, a brand new package of baby wipes and change of clothes for both of us. I learned that lesson the trip AB threw up on me three times during a two hour flight.

Surely we can't get sick four times in a row, right? RIGHT?! Send prayers and any extra clorox wipes my way. 

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Jen said...

No fun!!! Here is to feeling better!