Tuesday, November 8, 2016

fare thee well, America

Today is election day. I thought I'd write one last post in case the world collapses and life as we know it comes to a screeching halt. 

I wore my Barbara Bush pearl earrings to the polling place and cast my vote for a man I know won't win. This party gets my real vote. 
We all win when chips and salsa are on the ticket.

Speaking of tickets-
When we were visiting my family a few weeks ago we went to a renaissance fair. There are few time periods I'd detest living in more than medieval times. The dirt, the weird "medical" practices, the lack of clean water, the fact that no one wore underwear. None of it appeals to me. We were among the few not in costume. You could say it was the ComicCon for renaissance fans. Everywhere we looked were court jesters, monks, a self-appointed queen, witches and even two girls wearing a cow costume and a Pokemon outfit. I don't know what type of fair they thought they were at. I shouldn't say too many negative things about those who attend fairs in costume. I once was one of them. Here I am, circa 2008, at the same fair with a large group of my costume wearing friends. I wore my hippie aunt's wedding dress that we dug out of box in my grandparents basement. 
Dad, AB and I enjoyed ourselves even though we stuck out like sore thumbs. I was tickled to see that the knight doing the jousting demonstration was the same one from years ago. I thought he was so handsome back in the day. Apparently I've always had a thing for men in uniforms. Annabelle got a butterfly painted on her face and it was the best thing that's ever happened to her. She kept asking for a mirror so she could see her "be'utiful face."
At one point I was in a tent putting back the boxes of incense Sesame had rearranged. Dad and the mess maker disappeared and I was left with the stroller. I rushed around trying to find them and walked over a stop sign on the ground. Immediately the town sheriff and a very unauthentic camera man were in front of me. The sheriff pulled out his pad of tickets, a Bic pen and said "Do you know what you just did?" I muttered something about having somewhere to be and how I had fallen for this trick in eight years ago. The sheriff made a big deal of making check marks and the camera man probably got a nice shot of my eye rolling. 
Disturbing the peace, obstructing justice and/or annoyance of a public official
Failure to stop at a stop sign
Treason, piracy, lunacy or other acts of tom foolery

Lunacy and tom foolery. Sounds like a few people running for president, doesn't it? 


Jen said...

She looks so happy with her face painted. I love it.

Laura Darling said...

Hahaha that ticket is hilarious. I'm watching the election coverage right now and it looks like lots of people voted for lunacy and tomfoolery today!