Wednesday, February 15, 2017

day of love

Yesterday was the day of love, where we showered our favorite people in chocolate, kisses and germs. 

Or maybe it's just Annabelle who thinks its loving to share germs.

I kept her home from school for the second week in a row because she still has a cough. As much as I wanted a break, I didn't want to be THAT mom who sends in her coughing child. We went by the school for a quick minute to drop off the valentines she picked for her friends. 
Normally I'd spend hours making perfect valentines with coordinating scrapbook paper and special edition washi tape. I'd stay up late into the night creating masterpieces no two year old would care about. This year I told myself it was ok to buy a pack of valentines and call it a day. I gave the box to Christopher and Annabelle so I wouldn't have to do anything as a fun bonding activity.  Yet there I was Monday night, sitting on the floor reglueing all the bee erasers back onto the cards. I couldn't escape even though I tried. 
You know who didn't go lowkey with valentines? Karter's mom. She drew a baseball diamond with the words "I have a ball with you" across the top. She stapled a jersey-shaped valentine to a bag with two clemetines on which she had drawn the stitches of a baseball. She topped off the package with a red ribbon and coordinating lollipop. The pressure to perform in the toddler circle is intense. At the same time, I want to applaud Karter's mom. I think we have a lot in common and I'd probably be jealous of her cardstock stash. 

I felt bad Sesame had to miss the party at school so we went to Dunkin Donuts for her first real doughnut experience. You'd think being the DD frequent fliers that we are she'd have had one of their doughnuts before but she hasn't. It's a rare day we go inside so that was exciting in itself. Doing my part to keep life exciting since 2014! 

Earlier in the week we were stir crazy so we spent a little time walking around the mall. We went into Claire's and AB's mind was blown. It was sparkly little girl heaven. I told her if she did special chores to earn money we could go back to buy something. She earned two quarters so we went back to Claire's after DD. I went to the Claire's at the little mall but she kept telling me it wasn't the right "kids jewel store." I told her all the stores have the same things. She wanted the original Claire's at the big mall. So off we went to the correct store. She wondered the aisles touching everything and every time I asked her what she wanted she said "you'll just have to wait and see." In other words, she was completely overwhelmed and didn't want to commit to anything. She is so my child.

She finally settled on a set of tiny rubber dessert toys. The cashier called them erasers but they're not. They're unnecessary paraphernalia that is now strewn about my living room floor. I would have insisted she pick something more useful like the darling pink locket or new bows but it was her money. Fifty cents her money. The other six dollars was forked over by yours truly.

We had planned on bringing AB to a parents night at church and celebrate Valentines Day alone but because of her cold we kept her with us. She was the third wheel on our date to the botanical garden. I didn't mind too much. She enjoyed the lights and it was a fun family trip. 
Now that Valentines is over it's back to the valentine drawing board. I can't let Karter's mom bring the best gift bags next year!  


Laura Darling said...

Holy cow, Karter's mom went all out. That is crazy. I saw some pictures on instagram and the amount of stuff these kids got made me think it was Halloween or something! I don't remember that when I was little!! I love that she said "you'll just have to wait and see." So funny. Sounds like she made a fantastic purchase! :)

Michelle said...

Apparently I'm the worst toddler mom ever, because it never would have occurred to me to take Valentines in at this age!

Jen said...

She is such a cutie! I love the Valentines that she gave out.