Wednesday, February 22, 2017

wednesday words

Valentine flowers still going strong.
I cleaned off the top of the refrigerator today. It looked like a bomb went off up there and it was an embarrassment. We have a basket up there that has become the home to everything that doesn't have a home. If you need scissors, a ticket stub, random writing implements, cough drops, three different types of tape, googly eyes, a hammer or screwdrivers we're your one stop shop. Every time Christopher can't find a screwdriver he ends up buying one, even though I insist we already have some. I believe this proves my point. 
It's been unseasonably warm this week so we took advantage of the 50* weather to visit the playground. I wish Belle Belle would love the playground more. 
She tolerates it because she knows I love it so much.
After nap time we went to sign our will at the lawyers. I was wearing my exercise clothes because we planned on going to the gym afterwards. Of course it was a very professional office with dress suits and long conference tables and I was there in my black capris, old pink sweatshirt and messy bun. I stood out like a sore thumb. The lawyer asked if we had pen preferences and I almost lost it. Nothing he said was funny but in serious situations everything hits me as funny. I can't take myself anywhere. 
Making herself comfortable where ever she goes. 
Annabelle is so sweet and peaceful when she sleeps. So unlike the hour of talking, book reading and stuffed animal rearranging it takes to get to sleep! 


Jen said...

Haha Kyle does the same thing when he can't find a screwdriver, he insists we need new ones! I proceeded to buy a new toolbox and put every single one we own in there so he can find them. lol.

Angi said...

Pen preferences??? I mean, who doesn't when they're buying their own pens, but I don't think I've ever been somewhere and been like, "Excuse me but do you have a different pen I could use? I don't care for this one." LOL

I can't get over how much AB looks like you in those park pictures!!