Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Balloons are What Memories are Made Of

Saturday morning marked the first post-wedding meeting of the bridesmaids. We parked in our Official Parking Lot and meet at our Official Meeting Place-outside the Dunkin' Donuts on the campus of the school Rudy, Daniel and Erika all attend(ed). After having so many shower/wedding planning meetings there this summer, Dani, Rudy and I feel as if we sort of own the place. I'm sure no one has forgotten the sight of us lugging three plastic tubs of scrapbooking supplies from Dani's car and taking over half the patio for three hours. Technical schools don't generally smile upon such an obvious show of creativity.

Anyway(and I know you're thinking "good heavens, is she ever going to stop talking and just say something?"), just because Rudy was sick and couldn't be with us didn't mean she couldn't join in on the fun of the morning. So what did we do? Simply pull out the bag of balloons Dani just so happened to have in her car and set to work making Rudy a balloon basket of flowers. I use the word "we" loosely as Dani did all the work of blowing and twisting the balloons while all I did was hold them and give occasional comments about which colors to use.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the completed balloon bouquet:

The fun only increased after we delivered Rudy her flowers. We(again, in a very loose sense)took balloon twisting to new heights and Balloon Rudy was born. We took "Rudy" around campus with us all the while taking pictures so the real Rudy feel included in our day. We had a ball with Balloon Rudy but the best part was that Rudy had no idea we were doing this for her until we put the pictures on Facebook. She just sent an email saying she had had a tough week and we really brightened her day. : )

Dani waltzing with the lovely(and very short)Rudy

Discussing Rudy's week.
I tell you, it was a very interesting week she had; just looking at the way her right hand is flying all around.

We missed you Rudy!!

ps. I just want to add that the resemblance between Balloon Rudy and real Rudy was stunning. Just scroll back up to the picture of Rudy with her flowers then look again at Balloon Rudy. We were very impressed with ourselves.

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