Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful ABC's

A- Aaron, Andrew, apples(apple pie/crisp, etc.), my Alphabet Twins
B- babies,butter(I really am thankful for it!), Barney Fife, books, baseball, blogs and the blog friends I've made, brothers
C- church, cousins, children, the children I call mine, craft stores, colors, cd's to listen to on long car rides, Christmas lights, clothes,coffee
D- Daniel, Dad, Dr Suess stories, daisies
E- Erika, Elizabeth, Emma(the new movie)
F- faith, family, friends, forever and always faithful friends, fun, always having food, fabric, fuzzy socks, flowers
G- grandparents, game nights with Autumn and Joanna, Gerber daisies
H- Mr and Mrs H. and Grandma H.(Erika's parents and grandmother), hugs, hot chocolate on snowy days, my home, happy days, hearing
I- cookie dough ice cream, Ibuprofen
J- jewelry, Josh Groban(more specifically,his music), jelly
K- Katie~who becomes more special every day, Kashman(yes,that's his real name), Kim~who makes me laugh every Thursday
L- laughter,love, the gift of life, Lindt chocolate truffles
M- Mom, music, memories, the moments that take our breath away and make our lives beautiful, midnight chats, Molly, Morning Glorys
N- New England, nature, the Navy
O- the ocean, oranges, ostrich feathers,Oreos, outer space, the O's~ Katie's family that I can never get enough of
P- photography, the piano, pansies, pretty papers, surprise packages in the mail
Q- Quaint and Quirky(I am especially thankful that I thought of something that begins with Q!)
R- reading, rivers, rabbits
S- sisters, sunflowers, sunsets, sleep(oh, how I love you), Skittles, Spring and Summer, school(even though I sometimes feel overwhelmed and unmotivated), scrapbooking, sewing, Spellchecker, sight
T- tiaras, tea, the troops who defend us, Thursday night card games with Grandma
U- United States of America
V- volunteering at the preschool and childrens hospital, vacations
W- Wesley~our "step brother in law" extraordinaire, waltzing, fresh water everyday, the beyond beautiful wedding, wise councilors, waterfalls
X- the X-ray that showed Elizabeth did not have internal bleeding after her fall off the roof(Whats that? I didn't tell you that story?)
Y- teams that a beat the Yankees
Z- Zachary, the zoo(because I still like to go there)


Karen said...

Thank you for coming by and leaving a sweet comment. I love your thankful list and thankful heart=)...

Keri said...

Cute list! Thanks for being thankful for me! ;)