Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Gift

The first Christmas gift of the year has official been given in our family.

Andrew, Elizabeth and I(we apparently like group gifts)all pitched in for Aaron to see the Tran-Siberian Orchestra with Andrew* last night. I have yet to receive a review complete with all the important details of the event such as what they wore, but judging by Aaron's glazed over,star struck , "Will I ever be that good?" , look I think he enjoyed it. I just asked him what his favorite part of the show was, and he answered that it was "the music". Its good to know that the musical group is living up to their motto by playing, you know, music! : )
I would love to see them someday,but I'm so happy that Aaron could after wanting to see them for so long. Once again, giving feels much better then receiving!

* Lest there be any question as to whether or not it was a hardship for Andrew to accompany Aaron, I 'd like to set the record straight--it wasn't. At all.

Edit-Aaron just told me that one lady was playing a pink violin. I'll be sure to let you know every time he tells me something new that is of utmost interest and importance so that you'll be able to feel like you were are the concert too. Minus the music; I can't provide that.

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