Monday, August 9, 2010


Last week was one of never-ending action. I had barely been home from camp for two hours on Friday when Katie the Kool pulled into my driveway. We debated whether or not she should even come because it would only be a short visit, and I'm so glad she did because she helped pull me out of of the proverbial* over-tired, hot, why-don't-we-just-move-to-Hawaii-where-things-are-{supposedly}perfect slumps.

*{I'm so glad I can say these words without be required to know the spelling.Thank you, Spell checker, for being my new best friend.}

K the K also helped me reupholster 15 chairs at 12:30 at night. How many people would do that for you without complaining? I warned her before she came that the house would be messy and we'd be really, REALLY busy working at the club, but I still felt the need to apologize at least once an hour about the fact that we were working and not sitting on the couch watching a movie. She didn't mind but then again she was very preoccupied with pulling her hand away every time I used the staple gun. You'd think after 19 years together she'd trust me enough to know that I wouldn't staple her hand to the bottom of the seat. I'll just blame her behavior on the late hour.

We'd never reupholstered leather chairs before but we're The Experts so naturally they turned out well.

The next day was Mother Dear's birthday.

The creation of this birthday sign was a joint effort but the fuzziness of the picture is completely my fault.

The CCE came day for Mom's big day and brought with them all manner of wine, cheese, crackers, meat and an assortment of vegetables for the birthday supper. I just realized that we didn't ask Mom what she wanted for supper which means we'll have to have
another birthday supper. Oh well, the more birthday meals the merrier. If I didn't already, I'd say I LOVE Daniel and Erika for bringing and making supper so I didn't have to. Not that I don't like cooking, it just freed me from having to think about it because Saturday was- surprise, surprise- another ridiculously busy day. I can never let a birthday go by without having something to do with the cake, so The Experts decorated the giant giraffe cookie I brought home from camp.

{Dad looked at this cake and said, "oh,what a cute camel!"}

And so ended my very, extraordinarily, insanely busy week. I'm so glad I enjoyed everything I did{except for the lack of sleep part}so it was a worthwhile busy! :-)

**Edit- Katie just emailed this to me: "
I just wanted to thank you for having me over the past weekend! I had SO MUCH FUN!! I know alot of people might not think drawing signs, covering chairs, and wrapping plant pots is the most thrilling way to spend a weekend with your friend, but surrounded by lovely green walls and a family I love, with my best-of-all-bests and fellow Expert at my side, what more could I ask for? =) It was a delightful time." Isn't that nice?! :)

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Now that is a very good friend you have there!