Thursday, August 5, 2010

Camp, day 4{an attempt at a short post since I’m so tired from all the activity}

I don’t know if it’s because it’s Thursday, if we really did more than the other days, because I only slept a total of 5 hours last night or a combination of three, but today was a lot of work. We packed so much into our day. For Meg{my buddy partner}, Jarred, Brandon, Jaime and I, the day’s activities included, but were not limited to, the following:
A concert complete with dancing, jumping, wiggling, shouting, bubbles, spray bottles, and more dancing
Bringing the boys to the bathroom
Having a snack
Finding the bathroom
Playing outside
Climbing in the firetruck
Painting flower pots and making tissue paper flowers
Jarred and I being the subjects of a newspaper photographer during the whole above activity
Eating lunch
Somebody needs to use the bathroom again.
Making real flower arrangements- I was so impressed with how pretty the arrangements were. I never would have thought that so many children would do such a beautiful job. The boys arrangements were especially impressive seeing how they’re…boys.
Oh look, we’re near the bathroom so why don’t we go in?
Gymnastics- The kids loved gymnastics. About every half hour throughout the day Jarred would ask “is it almost time for gymernatics?”. All the flipping and crashing almost made Meg and I lose about three years off our lives.
Another snack, another trip to the you-know-where.
A few rounds of Duck Duck Goose to pass the time.
“I need to use the bathroom!”- In case you didn’t pick up on it, we spent a good amount of our day in the bathroom. {“Did you wash your hands? Good. Did you use soap? Well then, you can just turn yourself right around and go wash them again.”}
Going home.
Jarred and Brandon just made my day. They’re so cute that the percentage of my future sons I’d like to have might have jumped all the way from 25% to 40%. They’re at the cute stage where they’re just starting to act like big boys but they still like sitting on our laps and carrying their stuffed animals everywhere. Jaime was the most serious in our group but the kid sure did know how to get his groove on during the concert. A newspaper from their town was there to interview Jarred and his brother Jacob about the camp so the photographer spent almost all morning with us {I don’t think he spent much of his time with Jacob because he seemed glued to us the whole time}. The fact that having a photographer two feet from my face didn’t faze me proves that my body was running on a very small amount of sleep and therefore I was past caring. Normally I’d be all “oh my goodness, I have to look good!” Hopefully I’ll be able to get and scan some of the pictures so I can put them up. We’re not allowed to take any pictures during camp{hospital policies, yada yada}but since I didn’t take the pictures it's ok to show them. I’d love to have a picture with one of the kids. It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera; I would end up with way too many pictures.
Tomorrow is the last day so I'll have to say the sad goodbyes. I can't think about that any more so I'll just go to bed now. I'll be much more use to people after I've had some quality bonding time with my bed.

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Laura said...

I am tired from just reading about your day! I hope you are well rested for tomorrow!