Friday, August 6, 2010

Camp, day 5 {The fiesta and a celebrity}

The last day of camp was a giant fiesta.

Since it was Family Day, we weren't assigned to watch any children at the beginning of the day but we had other responsibilities like setting up and decorating the garden, and helping with crafts. I'm sure it was an entertaining morning for anyone who was watching 15 buddies trying to untangle and hang Mexican decorations at 8:30 in the morning. For sleep deprived, energy drained people, we did a very nice job{if I do say so myself}.

I was in the middle of helping to make paper plate maracas when I was pulled to watch Israel while his mom was at a doctors appointment. Kelsey came over to the maraca table looking for a volunteer to stay with him so I said I would do it. I totally was thinking of a different child so I was pretty shocked when I realized it was Israel and not Jaime. Jaime would have been much calmer; Israel is a very loud child. "CAN WE GO ON THE FIRETRUCK? WHERE'S MY CLAPPING THING? WHAT ARE ALL THOSE KIDS DOING?" He was much more interested in playing in the grass then watching the staff event but he did get into it a little and shake his "clapping thing." Israel's just a very on-the-go boy who didn't want to spend time watching doctors get made into tacos by having "taco food"- green spaghetti for lettuce, vanilla pudding for sour cream, and so on- poured on them on them before they were rolled up in a towel. I'm so glad I wasn't a victim of such messiness.

Oh yes, I ate lunch with a celebrity.

Ok, well she's not really a celebrity but she does work with people who are celebrities. Maybe they're not real celebrities. Actually, they're not celebrities at all. However, I really like them and since I'm easily star-struck, they're celebrities to me. The lovely lady works for my favorite radio station and knows my favorite dj and favorite traffic reporter. {Yes, I do have a favorite traffic reporter.} If you've ever heard Tim and Brian you'll understand why they make my early morning drives much happier. The thing that kills me is that I was too shy to ask the lady her name even though I was dying to know if she's on the morning show too. I didn't want to assume she was and be wrong, but I didn't want to just straight out ask her. I am WAY over-analyzing this.
I have two three more comments then I'll be quiet:
1. Eating lunch with an almost-celebrity would have made my hour.
2. I will feel so stupid if I find it she is on the radio because all we talked about was the guys. I would feel terrible knowing I didn't tell her I like her too. This is getting to be way too much for me to handle.
3. Playing baseball with almost-Red Sox on Monday, eating with almost- celebrities on Friday...clearly this has been a big week for me.

Back to the camp. It was sad saying goodbye to the children but thankfully not as sad as I thought it would be. I plan on volunteering again next year and all my favorite children plan on attending so we'll all be together again soonish. :-)

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