Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Camp, day 2

First up is a report on yesterday’s business about Rafael and Elijah: neither shed tears over the fact I wasn’t their Buddy today. Elijah waved at and talked to me throughout the day but Rafael was too busy keeping Katie on her toes to spend much time on me. That’s ok because I spent the day with Caitlynn and Catrina and it was a day in the park. They did what they were supposed to do when they were supposed to do it and even when they were running around the garden they weren’t maniacs. Girls can be so easy.{It’s just more reiteration as to why 75% of my future children will be girls. Please don’t bring up how much I love Braden and Noah. That’s completely beside the point.} My Buddy partner was the other Sarah and she had Carisssa so in our group we had Sarah, Sarah, Caitlynn, Catrina, and Carissa. It was a slightly tongue-twisterish day.

The first event of the day was the bubble party. It’s official name was Bop and Pop party and all it involved was a dj playing music while a bubble machine blew hundreds of bubbles into the air. The idea was good but the dj wasn’t so great. The music was so loud it scared some of the little ones. Brandon, however, was not scared in the least. He would stand with his face three inches from the bubble machine with his mouth wide open so he could eat the bubbles. That kid had so many dried bubbles on him by the end of the day that his mother won’t need to put any bubbles into his bubble bath for weeks.

By far the most popular activity of the day was the giant gingerbread giraffes. Each child had their own to decorate with four colors of frosting and a colorful and sugary array of candies. Caitlynn and Catrina were so good. They didn’t lick the frosting off the spatula or eat any candy until they were done decorating. Autumn the Adorable was a decorator after my own heart. The candy on her giraffe was lined up according to size, color, and type. It just made me so happy.

{this is not a cookie we made}

Today is the BIG event…we’re taking a field trip to the zoo!

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