Friday, March 18, 2011

Heavenly thoughts

Last week while babysitting I told Molly we had to hit the road because the errands, they weren't going to do themselves. She climbed into her carseat with her bag of strawberries, and I climbed into the drivers seat to man the radio, gps, and steering wheel. She talked on about a variety of topics as we went along including school, her friends, and how she wanted just ONE MORE strawberry. We were riding along in silence for a few minutes when she suddenly asked me, "is God dead?" That was major topic change from strawberries, but I quickly adjusted my thinking and told her that no, God is not dead. He lives in heaven but because God is everywhere, He's also with us on earth. Then she asked what heaven is like. What goes on up there? Is it big? I will never be what is called an excellent theologian, but I told her that I think it's a very beautiful place, maybe with lots of flowers and trees. I also said there are no tears in heaven because everyone is always happy. The next question was regarding heavenly fashion. I said something along the lines of maybe we're going to be dressed like angels. I wasn't too sure about that one but I know for a fact that no one will be dressed like a Disney princess, which seem to be Molly's current go-to outfit. She thought it was just hysterical that Zachary might be dressed LIKE AN ANGEL!! It would be so funny! After covering the topic of angels, we drove in silence for a few minutes. I was thinking about the fact that I was glad the theology required to answer those questions wasn't any deeper, and also that I was slightly proud of myself for pointing the children I care for in the right direction in life. 

It quickly became apparent that Molly's mind had returned to things of earth because all the sudden she said, "have you ever been ICE FISHING?"

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Emily said...

this is absolutely adorable :) kids say the cutest things!!