Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Manny & I almost went to Montana

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Monday night our new car,Manny, and I headed out to meet up with Mrs.Blaser for some wedding errands. Monday
 night was also the first time Manny and I got lost together. 

Neither of us enjoyed it very much.

The stores are only about 25 minutes from home, but thanks to ONE left instead of right turn, it took us precisely one hour to get there. On the bright side, I was so thankful to have 1/8 bag of crackers in the car with me because it meant I wouldn't starve if I was forced to spend the night in the middle of some random field in western Montana. Not that I live anywhere near Montana, you understand. That's just an illustration of how far off-track things can go when I get lost. 

Mrs. Blaser is a member of the Official Wedding Committee {this wedding has many committees} and is preforming above and beyond the call of duty. She is just a wealth of ideas. Our main reason for planning the shopping trip was to look at vases for the centerpieces, but we almost immediately got sidetracked by monkey bobble heads sitting on a shelf  right as we walked into Joann's. Lest you think I am having a zoo themed wedding, let me assure you that I am not. Anna is having a monkey themed birthday party next month so her mom is in stock-up-for-the-party mode. After we finished the monkey business, we got down to the flower and centerpiece business. The vase selection didn't produce quite the excitement that the monkey bobble heads did, so we ran over to Michael's to see if the selection was better in their neck of the centerpiece world.

It was is the bridal aisle of Michael's Arts and Crafts that we made a discovery which quite possibly made us the most enthusiastic people ever to stand under Michael's roof. Amidst the ring bearer pillows, fake flower petals and chocolate almonds, we found a 
package of adorable little chalkboard table markers.

We almost DIED, we were so excited. We're going to write the table name on each little chalkboard and put it in the centerpiece. It will be so pretty. 

We did end up finding some vases, as well as some little tins to put the favors in, so the trip was definitely a success despite the fiasco it was getting there. It was so much better than spending the night in a random field in the middle of Montana.

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KJJ Houston said...

omg those are soooooo cute how much were they and how many came in a pack? I loveeeeeee them!