Friday, March 11, 2011

What's up, Cupcake?

In preparation for my bridal shower tomorrow, we had a cupcake decorating party at Joanna's house last night. I almost didn't go because I wasn't feeling well, but I pulled myself up by my boot straps and and went anyway. I'm so glad I did because the girls cheered me right up.
{As a side note, while I was getting supper before Elizabeth and I left, Mom came over and plopped four chocolate cookies beside my plate as her way of cheering me up. That NEVER would have happened in days of yore. We always had a strict "eat your meal and then maybe you can have dessert" policy. The times, how they are a'changing.}

Hannah welcomed us at the door with her charming smile. {We're going to use this picture if we ever put her on eHarmony.}
After I took this picture Joanna asked what music we'd like to listen to while we worked. Speaking of music reminded Hannah to tell me that Josh Groban is coming to our part of the 'hood at an unknown time in the near future. It's a small possibility that I may have said "be still my heart" when I heard that wonderful news. There's also a large possibility that a conversation may have been started about whether or not I should make such statements the month before I'm going to marry another man.

Due to the large amounts of butter and sugar involved in the decorating process, it took LOTS of trial and error topped with a good deal of milk to make the frosting perfect. Joanna and Hannah immediatly set about creating their edible masterpieces.
Autumn and I created masterpieces as well, we just stopped to take pictures along the way. {Have I mentioned that I love Autumn?}

I never said we were neat decorators.

Joanna made Christopher and I a seaturtle cupcake to "stand for unity and happiness and I don't know what else. Seaturtles really aren't very inspiring." You'll notice she used three colors in hopes that we'll have triples. Just sayin'. Autumn made the blue and yellow button cupcake because Christopher calls me Button and he proposed with buttons.

Approximately three hours and 70 cupcakes later we were done.

They're not exactly on par with Cupcake War cupcakes, but they're still very cute.

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