Monday, March 7, 2011

The weekend*

* Subtitled: I couldn't for the life of me think of a more creative title

Somebody came to visit me over the weekend.
His name starts with C, ends with r, and has hristophe in the middle.
Anyone wish to guess who it was? 
Let me give you a clue {I'm all about being helpful}:

That's right. It was Mr. Fiancée.
It was a wonderful visit.
But, as is usually the case, it went by much too fast. 
{This is where the sad music starts to play in the background and everyone gets very melodramatic.}

After Christopher left, we headed over to this young man's house for his 7th birthday party. It seems to me like he was just born five days ago so I'm not sure how it can already be his 7th birthday. Someone must have messed up in their birthday calculations.
Molly took it upon herself to decorate the dining room with various ribbons, balloons and streamers. She was a little too short to reach the light so Daniel came to her aid and rescued the whole decoration process from going south. When Erika said she wanted a picture of the decorators, Molly protested that Daniel didn't do anything and she would absolutely not smile for the picture if he was going to be in it. So Daniel just smiled nicely all by himself. And then Molly had the audacity to ask him for more help. The whole thing just went 'round and 'round in circles.

And that was my weekend.

You all have a lovely week.

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