Wednesday, May 25, 2011

in which my dear friend goes to work dressed up like food

This is Autumn.

You may remember her as the one who loves bacon and popcorn, always wins Scrabble, and wears a leopard print Snuggie.

Autumn is employed at the Land of Stuff-Your-Own-Animals properly known as Build-A-Bear.

And Saturday she went to work dressed as a hotdog.
As she tells the story, they were introducing a new line of food-related animals and she felt she could join in better by showing up in the appropriate attire. (When their line of Star Wars animals came out, she went to dressed work as Darth Vador. She's a model employee who goes ALL OUT.) Her boss shot down all the other food costume ideas Autumn had, but agreed to let her come as a hotdog if she could find a costume. (It's my personal belief that her boss thought she couldn't find one before Saturday rolled around.) As it just so happened, a girl at the salon where Autumn works had a hotdog costume sitting in her closest. 

And so she went to work as a piece of meat stuck rolled up in a slice of bread.

As an accessory(I don't really count the mustard as an accessory), she carried around a matching stuffed dog. 
There really is nothing that girl won't do.

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