Monday, May 16, 2011

Official Date Night

Because Christopher's going be to in the field and I'm at home visiting my family, we declared Thursday night to be Official Date Night(ODN). The first order of business for ODN was watching part of Harry Potter as we ate supper. We're on a Harry Potter intensive at our house due to the new movie coming out soon and me not having seen any of the previous ones. Just as Harry was talking to the professor who wears the turban (I don't remember what his name is, but I do remember being convinced he had snakes under there) we paused the movie because we had a FRG meeting to be at. It wasn't the most informative meeting, but I held a very chubby baby with HUGE blue eyes so it was by no means a complete waste of time.

For a wedding gift, Stephanie gave us a bag of wrapped activities for eight date nights. Inside the cards that say "choose this date if..." is a description of the activity.
I sat on the floor for a good ten minutes reading the cards and shaking the boxes in an attempt to decide which one we should open. In the end, I left out the boxes that said "...if you're in a playful mood" and "...if you're feeling groovy" and let Christopher pick. He choice the playful mood one which was surprising because I was sure he'd pick the groovy. Inside was a dvd version on The Newlywed Game. 

We played against a tv couple named Russ and Rayna who, unfortunately, probably got divorced immediatly after the show because they didn't answer anything the same and spent most of the time arguing. I think we have a much better chance of a lasting marriage.

For dessert after the game we had yummy,yummy,yummy baked peaches. I happen to believe everything is better with more butter so the amount of butter left in the butter dish was significantly less by the time I was done.

Before bed I should Christopher something I had made for him and put in our special mailbox.

I wrote out 21 reasons that I love him on little pieces of paper that he can open while he's there and I'm here.

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Emily said...

We just finished watching all the HP movies and I was surprised that I liked them. As long as my husband warned me a snake was coming so I could close my eyes :)