Friday, May 20, 2011

our wedding~preceremony

Let's start at the very beginning of this wedding recap by looking at the invitation. I wanted to use a daisy and this quote, so Erika the multi-talented created this for me. I love how it turned out.

My aunts took these pictures and when I got them in the email, all productivity immediately halted. I couldn't wait to show them to Christopher so when he got home from work I said, "I have been WAITING AND WAITING for you to get home so I could show you ALL the wedding pictures! But don't worry, I am glad to see you too." I just make him feel so loved.

(I feel the need to say something before we get any further- I don't have very many pictures at this point so there will be some gaps in the day for now, but I'll go back and fill them in later as I get more pictures. I don't know why I felt the need to explain that. I think it must have to do with a little issue called OCD.)

Here we are waiting before the ceremony to begin. The church did have little rooms we could wait in, but we were running a little behind schedule so by the time we came inside from pictures, guests were already arriving and we would have had to walk by them all to get to the rooms so we hung out in this doorway. The flower girls were VERY excited which resulted in a lot of waving around of their flowers. Keturah was especially enthusiastic so we spent quite a bit of time explaining to her that the petals would fall off her flowers and that's not a very good thing right before the wedding. 

The girl in the teal shirt behind me is my friend Dani. She's the same Dani who was in Daniel and Erika's wedding with me and the same Dani who makes people out of balloons. She is a wedding expert and came to help us do hair and makeup, and sing songs to put everyone in the wedding spirit. She was also the Official Fixer of My Train before I walked down the aisle.

Jimmy and Zachary took advantage of the couch to do a little pre-wedding chillaxing.

While Zachary spent the day looking quite suave...

...Logan prefered to spend some quality time with his thumb and his grandmother.

I love this picture ONBB picture Keri the photographer took.
Old- the blue and white handkerchief of Grandma's wrapped around the flowers
New- my dress
Borrowed- the little gold and blue butterfly pin from Grandma Connie(I gave that pin to her years ago!)
Blue- my sash 

Dad's mother died before I was born so I never met her, but I have her wedding ring so I tied it onto one of the ring bearer pillows.  Because I had that, the handkerchief and pin, I had something from each of my grandmothers which was very special.

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