Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Happenings

Look who came to visit me today!! 
 They are so cute.
Molly found some (washable) markers at Nick's and decided that paper really was too boring to color on. I'm so glad I saw Molly because my Molly o'meter was running very low and I needed a little LOUD in my life. 
We discovered a nest with three baby birds in the glider swing Grandpa made for Grandma years ago. Molly named the first Katie, the second Kate, and probably would have named the third Katelynn if she hadn't gotten distracted by the trampoline and the jumping opportunities she was missing.
What fascinates me about this pictures is the bird seems to have eye lashes. I had no idea that was possible!
 Daniel and Erika came to visit too! 
I am a huge fan of all my people, big and small.

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