Friday, February 10, 2012

Chugging Away

Please note: This is titled Chugging Away because I’m on a train (could I be any more clever?). I have not taken to excessive drinking during this time of transition in my life.

Today marks the beginning of my 10 day trip up and down the east coast. I just said goodbye to my family and am traveling on a train bound for Philadelphia. I always hate saying goodbye to my family. It makes me sad every single time. The (very) bright side of leaving them means that I get to see Christopher in three days! I arrive in there on Monday, then Tuesday (Valentine’s Day!!) we’re going to his graduation formal. I am so excited about that. I love any chance to get dressed up. Thursday is the Big Day. The day he finally graduates from OCS. After that we’re actually going to LIVE TOGETHER again! It’s going to be wonderful.

The BIGGEST news of the day is.…drum roll....sound the trumpets….ring the church bells……alert Brian Williams and the evening news..…the staff of Oh Laura Darling, Inc. and the staff of Dandelions and Daffodils, Inc. are meeting for the VERY FIRST TIME today. This is big, people. BIG. Last week we took our friendship to the next level by talking on the phone for the first time. This week we’ll see each other live and in person. Our plans for the weekend revolve around eating and visiting Ikea.  As I told both Mom and Laura, if for some strange reason we don’t get along, we can just eat all weekend. You certainly won’t hear me complain about that. We are very open to rearranging our schedule if Mr. Brad Paisley would like to show up for a private concert. We wouldn’t complain about that either.

I had a dream the other night that I showed Laura my dress for the formal and she turned up her nose in disdain. She suggested (it was actually more like FORCEFULLY INSISTED) I wear something a more like this

If I’m looking to make a spectacle of myself during my first public event as an officer’s wife then yes, BY ALL MEANS I will wear such a highly inappropriate getup. Forget the furniture and décor of Ikea, we have some animal print to find.

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The New "Normal" said...

Haha! I love the animal print dress! I can only imagine the scene that would create :) Congrats to your husband on graduation! How awesome!