Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm sure Swahili is a very useful language to learn

Saturday evening I had my friends Katie and Rudy over. Dani was supposed to come also, but she seems to have fallen off the edge of the earth and disappeared. I hope she's ok.  
After Rudy left, Katie and I had a video chat with her boyfriend Zachary. It came up in conversation that, contrary to what he and the rest of the world (my own family included) believe, I speak Swahili. No amount of convincing would make him believe, so we scheduled another video chat for an hour later where I would showcase my skills. We needed that hour so we could research 'how does one learn all the best Swahili phrase in one hour?' Our friendship has always been based on go big or go home, so we went BIG with our new-found Swahili knowledgeWe made Zachary a movie of us speaking Swahili complete with drums, African garb, and phrases such as, "Hello, Zachary! You have a nice nose! Certainly! Indeed! You do!" 

I'm sure all American girls spend their Saturday nights making Swahili videos for a boyfriend in far-off state. 

(When I told Christopher what we were doing, he told me a fact about the grammatical structure of Swahili sentences. He said it was just something he "picked up along the way." What I would like to know is what way does he travel on that he would learn such things? He has a fact for almost everything.)

Last night I went to visit these crazy kids.
I'm moving again on Friday so I'm squeezing in last minute visits with some of my favorite people.

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Jamie said...

You should post the video!