Monday, February 20, 2012

life with the looooooooootenent

You know what happens when you drive millions thousands of miles, cross through twelve states and sleep in four beds that are not your own all within three days? You get behind of things like sleep, eating the proper number of meals and documenting the day your husband became an officer. 
I don't have many pictures of the actually OCS graduation because the camera went into complete uselessness mode immediately after the ceremony started. I gave that camera MANY dirty looks. I bet it premeditated not working.
I did get a picture of the three star general who was the keynote speaker. It has been my personal mission for the last decade or so to eat supper with a four star general, but so far I have not. As I don't foresee that happening anytime soon, I spend good deal of studying any generals I do come across. You know, the ones I always see when I'm out and about at Walmart or the gas station. In other words, I don't see them often. And yet here one was, right in front of me. I was impressed.
There was a mass swearing-in during the ceremony, but afterwards Christopher had his own swearing-in with his Uncle Cliff. I liked Uncle Cliff; he had elephants on his tie.
My only duty following the ceremony was to remove the covering from Christopher's epaulets. For a few seconds there I almost caused an emergency when the knife I was using to cut the thread slipped. That would have been interesting.
It really is impossible for Kim and I to attend any event without taking our picture, so here we are again. 
I am so proud of Christopher for all his hard work. At the rate he's going, I may have a real chance at eating supper with some form of a general. But for now, I entertain myself by coming up with alternate spellings for lieutenant. The options are liutenant, liuetenant,or lootenent. I usually go with lootenent and just keep adding o's to match however I'm feeling at the moment. Obviously I'm one serious officers wife. 


The New "Normal" said...

Congrats to your husband!

Jenn said...

Congratulations!! I love misspelling loootenant as well ;)

When are y'all coming to Campbell??