Wednesday, March 28, 2012

big and small, short and tall, my people all

Despite my mouth issues last week (are you tired of hearing about my achy breaky mouth yet?), I managed to see quite a few of my people. Granted, 95% of the socialization happened before the surgery, but still.

Molly McButter was over when I got home, and she immediately asked to hold my bunny, Dale Robert Stevenson. Normally I fear for Dale's life when Molly wants to hold him (what normal people mean by "hold a bunny" is more like SQUEEZE VERY ENTHUSIASTICALLY for Molly), but I let her hold him anyway. To the surprise of all, she held him for twenty minutes and they both survived. Aaron says it was because he's old and dying and too tired to protest (a statement I did not appreciate), but I think Molly finally figured out the finer points of rabbit holding. Specifically, the less tightly you squeeze, the less the rabbit scratches and the less you cry.
On Sunday we celebrated Zachary's birthday. It seems that at the ripe old age of 8 he no longer appreciates when his long-lost cousin runs over to give him a birthday hug in the middle of a basketball game. I swear he rolled his eyes at me.
Less than 12 hours before I arrived home, I had the misfortune of backing into and getting stuck in a mud pit at 12:30am. (After the car was pulled out by the father I was babysitting for, I thought the whole thing was hysterically funny.) The car was looking less than beautiful, so Elizabeth offered to wash her for me. As my car rescuer said, "Just wash it before your husband sees it and he'll never suspect a thing." 
She did it while wearing her most awesome flowery rainboots.
We are a family of classy dressers.

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