Monday, March 26, 2012

I depart and return quite frequently these days

Yesterday I returned to the land of beautiful sunsets,
to our furnished-by-others temporary house with a table that seats six people (and we are only two),
the couch that seats fifteen (obviously we are far from squished when we choose to relax),
the 'thank you for not smoking' sign and fire extinguisher on the wall
 (proof that I certainly did not decorate this place),
and the four can openers, none of which work.
And yet I keep buying canned items that require opening. 
Why I continue to do so is yet another mystery surrounding my life.


Jenn said...

First of all, I don't know why your interior design would NOT include a fire extinguisher and a no smoking sign. My kitchen just has the fire extinguisher mounted on the wall. I had never considered a SIGN. I guess it would be appropriate to give people some kind of warning that I will spray them if they try smoking in my house...

And also, I just purchased the most ridiculously-priced can opener in the history of can openers at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day. We have had a non-functioning one for a WHILE now and after trying to use it, cursing at it, and then putting it back in the drawer to find later (?!?!?!), it drove me to buy a weirdly awesome new one. Life is clearly light years better now.

The New Normal said...

What is it with can openers?! I had 2 and neither of them worked. So I bought another one and I have no idea how to use the darn thing! It shouldn't be that complicated...

I could probably use a fire extinguisher mounted in my kitchen!