Monday, March 19, 2012

I suppose it's possible I may end up speechless

Last December I went to the oral surgeon for a consultation on wisdom tooth removal. As the nurse lead me into the exam room, she waved me over to the chair and said, "I'll put a movie on for you to watch while you're waiting for the doctor." I got so excited. I started hoping to high heaven that she'd ask what I wanted to watch because I was in the mood for a movie featuring Gwyneth Paltrow or John Krasinski. Then she turned around and said, "It's a fabulous movie containing lots of information about wisdom teeth, so make sure you pay attention." Let me assure you I was suddenly much less enthusiastic about the idea of watching a movie while reclining in a dental chair

Today is the big four-tooth removal day. Elizabeth is home from school and will accompany me to the doctors in order to document the day
like I did for her last year. I'm slightly concerned about the whole process, but I'm almost more concerned about the words that might come out of my mouth while I'm recovering from the anesthesia. After Elizabeth's surgery, she told me I had three noses. She followed that flattering statement up with, "asddie dsadfi muffins tterireons police adsfoe shoes wfeab OUCH."

hankfully we have Elizabeth around to record any of the fine (or not so fine) things I might say. Who knows, I may start talking to Gwyneth and John as though they're with me live and in the flesh.


Ashley said...

Good Luck! I hope that give you fantastic drugs!!

Jenn said...

I, for one, am so happy that you have the foresight to bring a friend along to record the things you say while under the influence of anesthetics. THANK YOU.

And good luck. I remember that not being the most fun I've had in a hospital.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Good luck! Enjoy all the pampering and ice cream while you recover :)