Friday, January 28, 2011

The Big Extraction

This morning I took Elizabeth to have her wisdom teeth out. Here she is before the big extraction. 
She remained calm on the car ride there until she started reading the paper the dentist had given her last time. I assured her that she didn't have anything to worry about and the worst part was the waiting. I backed up my statement by showing her the spot on the paper that said "you don't have anything to worry about and the worst part is the waiting". 
Thankfully she was wearing her lucky shoes.
We had to wait in the waiting room for over half an hour which did little to nothing to help Elizabeth's nerves, but during our perusal of a magazine we found a very flattering picture of Tim McGraw that brightened her up considerably.{It didn't do me any harm either.}

Eventually they called her name and we moved to the Teeth Removal Room. The nurse stuck all manner to things in and on Elizabeth then left us to ourselves for a good 15 minutes. Those 15 minutes were full of Elizabeth moaning and groaning about how "I'm not going to survive this and if I die, Hannah can have the pen she wants and Christopher can have the little red box JZ brought me from China and would you please have bubbles at my funeral?" I comforted her by doing things along the lines of telling what her current heart rate was, taking pictures, getting up to fix her pants then trying to sit down on a chair that apparently had wheels which I didn't know about until the chair shot across the room, asking what she was going to leave me if she died and laughing because she was being so over-dramatic. I obviously have a wonderful bedside manner. 

All her wisdom teeth were removed without issue and when I went to see her in the recovery room, she looked at me with a dazed look and said, "you have NO idea the number of noses you have. You have A LOT of earrings on and I think I see TWO of you. You have A LOT of noses." 

On the way home Enrique and I serenaded her by singing "Hero" {we were especially good at the "I can be your hero, baaaaaaa-bay" part} but she missed most of the performance because she feel asleep. My latest and greatest method of cheering her up is texting her little known {and probably completely false because I made them up} facts like "giraffes tongues are almost the same length as their tails", "dolphins sing lullabies to the babies every night", and "the average porcupine has 312 quills".

Like I said, I have a wonderful bedside manner.


Abby said...

Haha! I love that girl, and I'm glad it all went smoothly.
She told me YOU wanted the beeping [aka HEART RATE] to stop...sheesh, whatever she was gonna leave you must have been really good or something..
Andd I'm currently attempting to interrogate her on what she would have left me. ;)

Elizabeth Filipe said...

And I have a wonderful sister <3

Barbara said...

And I have 2 wonderful daughters!!!