Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's going to be a snowy delivery

The abundance of snow 'round these parts has provided us with the potential for hours of snowy entertainment. Elizabeth was so excited to join me outside one day last week that she could barely put her boots on, she was jumping so much for joy. {Or maybe what happened was I had to drag her out with me, but the first story sounds much nicer.} Once we were both outside, we decided we really had no other option than to build snowmen next to the driveway.

So here they are, Lionel Skinny and his wife, Pakasandra Thermoplae.

I made Pakasandra and we quickly noticed that her bottom third was so ridiculously round and fat that she must be a very pregnant snowman. Because we like to be creative and different in our snowcreations, we choose to carry on the pregnant snowman idea and make Lionel hold his wife's hand just like he would if she was in the hospital about to have Baby S.

Please don't ask how we think of such things.

The snow nonsense did not end there. On the other side of the driveway, Nicholas made and married a snowball named Chloe. Supposedly she broke in half at one point so he stuck her back together then put her in the freezer so he could keep her indefinitely.

Sometimes I wonder what this family is coming to.

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