Friday, February 25, 2011

Wedding Central

Things are moving right along over here at Wedding Central, USA.

Exhibit A.- Bridesmaids dress
The girls will be wearing this dress in dark blue {'Marine', to be completely specific} but with straps and blue Marine shoes. The dress is longer on all my girls because none of them are 7 1/2 feet tall like this lovely lady seems to be.

Exhibit B- My dress
Although it may appear that I am holding a person in the picture below, I assure you that I am not. Aaron took this picture yesterday before I went to the seamstress to have my dress altered. I must be very attached to my dress because I felt like I was leaving behind my child when I left it at the shop in the hands of Manuela, the Seamstress Extraordinaire.

Exhibit C- Invitations
Katie,well-known for her beautiful handwriting, volunteered to help me address all the envelopes. We did a surprisingly small amount of chatting as we wrote because we realized the solemnity of the addressing occasion. Even with our solemnity Katie still managed to write that I live in "South America" on one of the rsvp envelopes. I may live in South Something but last time I checked it is not South America.  

Exhibit D- The church
Subtitled: A very important location on the wedding day. 
 Please note that the mens choir does not come with the church rental and will not be performing at the ceremony.

Exhibit E- The reception venue
The reception is being held in a renevated barn on a former farm. Molly was quite disapointed that we won't be able to milk cows or gather eggs since it's not a real farm anymore, but I assured her that we'll have lots of other things to do. Speaking of Molly and the wedding, I think she's convinced the First Dance involves her.  

Exhibit F- The date
I don't know if you've heard it through the grapevine or not, but these two are getting married.
What you may not know is that after hearing which day we choose for our wedding, they decided they wanted the same day. That's right, William + Kate + Sarah + Christopher = April 29th. I don't forsee this being much of a problem as I highly doubt any of my guest are also guests of W & K's, but you never know. Grandma told me she's holding out hope that she might recieve an invitaiton from them. Not that she'd actually go to their wedding over her granddaughter's, you understand. She just wants to know what their invitations look like. 
 Exhibit G- The Ring
Subtitled: Here it is in all it's glory
{Raise your hand it you're jealous.}


mel @ the larson lingo said...

Fun!!!!! It is getting close! I think you have the same bridesmaids dresses as my sister! She is getting married April 2nd. Our bridesmaid dresses look just like yours, but they are "Tiffany" blue.

Laura Darling said...

Love all of the planning!! Those dresses are so pretty.

Also, I too am patiently awaiting my invitation to the royal wedding. However, if by some HORRIBLE TURN OF EVENTS it gets lost in the mail, my best friend and I already have requested the day off at work and plan to spend it watching William and Kate.

I know you'll be busy, so I'll fill you in on the royal wedding details if you'd like.