Tuesday, March 1, 2011

They came from far and far

Those who live at the homebase of Dandelions and Daffodils Inc. saw a very unusual number of far-away friends last week.

First up is the girl from Peach Tree City, Abby of the wonderful dimples. I am most proud to report that I drove Elizabeth to meet Abby and her parents at the airport and I did not get lost, turn around, or make any "I have NO CLUE WHERE I AM" calls to my mother in the process. Granted, this is most likely because I just followed the signs that said 'airport ---->' and 'highway <----', but still. A driving success is a driving success and it should be treated as such. 

Do you see what I  mean about her dimples??

Look who was at church on Sunday! It's Melissa from North Carolina! {Please ignore how weird she looks fixing my scarf.}
Katie, Gwen and Jenny made an appearance also. 

We all sat together during the fellowship dinner at a table that Melissa and Jenny picked because of it's very near proximity to the dessert table. Halfway through the meal Melissa started getting extremely anxious and fidgety because she had been looking at a chocolate cake for almost an hour and didn't think she'd be able to behave much longer if she didn't get some of that chocolate in her system. I suggested that we just waltz over, pick up the whole cake very nonchalantly,carry it back to our table and say we were having a mini bridal shower and this was our cake. No one would DARE take a cake away from a bride! The plan was clearly flawless except, EXCEPT, no one had the guts to carry actually carry it out. 

I have learned that playing the bride card can get you pretty far when you're planning a wedding, but I have also learned that it does have a limit and that limit just might be taking whole cakes off the dessert table and depriving 100+ people of something that they rightfully have a share in. 

However, I still think we should have tried my plan just to see if it would have worked.

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Abby said...

Ahh! I have a tendency to do that squinty eyes thing in pictures. Hehe, regardless, I had a great time with y'all. And yes, you did an AMAZING job at driving us to your house. ;)