Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The result are in

Andrew and Debbie are having a...
It is very true that I was convinced the baby was a boy and that I was strongly suggesting various boy names.  It now appears that while I can no longer suggest boy names, I will switch over to voicing my opinion about how I should making little suggestions about how they can decorate the nursery.
My friend Jorden told me where I can get some nice pendant lighting that will make the baby feel like she's living in a princess room.
Schonbek - 1243-48 - Bagatelle Pendant in Antique Silver with Handcut Crystals
Every little girl should feel like a princess. I feel I'm an expert on the topic as my name means princess. It doesn't get much more royal than that.

{It would be nice if the same people who clean the castles of real live princess would come clean my house for me.}

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